What is the Temperament of Beagle Puppies

Aren’t Beagles just the best? Just look at them: they are small, agile, full of life and energy, and have the cutest appearance ever. But that’s all in the picture. What can you actually expect from them if you ever get one and you have to deal with it? It’s not always as simple as you may think, so make some effort to get to know the pup and learn what is expected of both you and it.


Here is what we generally know about the Beagle pups and how to treat them.

As mentioned, Beagles are full of energy. The pup’s temperament will be a nosy and lively one. It is one of the most curious creatures in the world and it will literally shove its moist nose everywhere it can. They are mostly friendly in nature unless there is a huge reason not to be, and they will be very playful right off the bat. They are the type of dog that just wants to have fun. In fact, so much fun that they become quite destructive if left unattained for too long. The Beagle’s curiosity will lead it to all your shoes, and after it has laid waste to them, it will move on to something else till it gets bored or somebody finally comes back and stops it. Its stubbornness is also legendary and it does make for a lot of hard days trying to train it. You will need a lot of patience when dealing with a Beagle.

Beagle pups are amazing and they are friendly and smart and great for kids. But you also have to deal with the other side of the coin, which includes them being headstrong and livelier than you think possible. But when you get used to them, you can start enjoying your Beagle’s company to the fullest.