How to Train Your Beagle the Sensible Way

Beagles are quite the bother to train. They may be one of the cutest dog breeds you will ever come across – more so when they are a little puppy – but that comes at the price of them being the most un-trainable animals known to man.


They may not seem like a little troublemaker… and they are not, they don’t cause trouble, they are just too lazy to do any tricks. Beagles are one of the best hunting hounds, yet if you try playing catch with them, you will realise that no one knows how that ever came to be. They are as smug as a cat when they are not obeying orders, and they are simply too cute to train aggressively.

One of the problems that Beagles have is that they are the original ADHD sufferers. Their attention cannot be sustained; you need to constantly gaud them with a treat and have them follow you. Since they are hunting dogs, their sense of smell is quite strong and they go off course almost all the time as long as they latch on a smell they want to investigate. To deal with this problem, you need to keep your Beagle on a leash. It seems rude, but this way you show the dog that it has to follow you. So whenever you are walking it, get the leash ready.

Walking the Beagle is very important, since they do need a lot of exercise. They are physical creatures, ones that require movement and not hanging about your window like a cat. That means that you have to put in some effort as well and go out more often than you are probably used to. Having the Beagle around you more often when exercising is also important to build up the relationship between you two.


Start early. It is really important to start training the Beagle as a puppy, or it gets used to a certain treatment and a way of life, and – as they say – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, this is doubly so with Beagles as they refuse to be taught anything and will prefer to do things as they did so far, thank you very much. Start with teaching words and associating them with actions. Give the dog treats for everything it does right – this is all standard training, but you have to do it more often. When the Beagle gets used to the words, just practice them on a daily basis and soon you will have a trained Beagle.

Be persistent and be patient. This is the key to good Beagle training. So equip yourself with both and some treats and start working.