What is the Temperament of Beagle Puppies

Aren’t Beagles just the best? Just look at them: they are small, agile, full of life and energy, and have the cutest appearance ever. But that’s all in the picture. What can you actually expect from them if you ever get one and you have to deal with it? It’s not always as simple as you may think, so make some effort to get to know the pup and learn what is expected of both you and it.


Here is what we generally know about the Beagle pups and how to treat them.

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How to Train Your Beagle the Sensible Way

Beagles are quite the bother to train. They may be one of the cutest dog breeds you will ever come across – more so when they are a little puppy – but that comes at the price of them being the most un-trainable animals known to man.


They may not seem like a little troublemaker… and they are not, they don’t cause trouble, they are just too lazy to do any tricks. Beagles are one of the best hunting hounds, yet if you try playing catch with them, you will realise that no one knows how that ever came to be. They are as smug as a cat when they are not obeying orders, and they are simply too cute to train aggressively.

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3 Ways To Remove Pet Stains From Carpet

If you have decided to get a puppy, you are in for a cleaning challenge. Undoubtedly, a pet dog is going to bring you a lot of joy, but also face you against certain home cleaning chores, which you have never dealt with before.


It pays to be prepared when you notice a dog urine spot (or something even worse) on your beautiful carpets. There are proven methods and techniques, which won’t have you running around in panic, but can get the job done. Here are three techniques, which ought to help a great deal in carpet cleaning:

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